Illegal Encampment at Blackwood Lane Portmarnock

I visited the illegal site at Blackwood Lane again this morning and was shocked at what I witnessed is very disturbing.

The evidence on this site contradicts the talk of this being purely a religious festival. It is clear that a number of the people on this site are working on gardens and paving and the vans on the site along with the waste in the back of the vans is evidence of this.

Despite undertaking being given to the Council about skips and toilets there is already a dump that will be a health hazard at the entrance to the field.

I took pictures of all of this and have been in touch with both the environment section and the litter warden to see what action can be taken immediately to put an end to this.

I note that some public reps have said they have spoken to the travellers and are happy that this will be a festival with no drink and that they will be gone on July 2nd next, however this is still not acceptable as this is a blatant breach of the law.

I will be following these matters up during the day and if anyone has any concerns or wishes to talk to me regarding this situation do not hesitate to contact me.

Jimmy Guerin