The St Lawrence Pipe Band Howth

The St Lawrence Pipe Band, which is over 100 years old have used the Band Hall (Old School House) at Balglass Road Howth for more that 60 years. This School House originally owned by the British Education Board was transferred to the Parish in the eighties.
The Parish now want the band to vacate this hall and dispose of the building as they claim that they do not have the funds required to maintain and repair it.
A recent meeting heard the views of the local community who were quiet clear that they do not wish this building to be disposed of and feel that it should remain in community hands.
The recent planning applications in Howth show that once a building is disposed of by a community, then we as a community have no say as to what may happen in the future.
We must act together and ensure that under no circumstances should this building be lost to the local community.
The St Lawrence Pipe Band have served the community of Howth well for over 100 years – Now it is time for the community to support the band and work together to ensure they enjoy continued use of the Band Hall