Bayside and Taking in Charge

Jimmy Guerin

Bayside and Taking in Charge

Delighted to have attended the Residents meeting in Bayside Community Centre on Monday night where the possibility of Fingal County Council taking in charge the open spaces and greens within Bayside was discussed.

The Committee has put in a tremendous amount of work and now need the signatures of the majority of residents within Bayside so that Fingal can consider this.

The meeting was informed that in 1997 a previous County Councillor tried but was unable to proceed because a number of residents did not agree and all villages within Bayside must be in agreement before this can be considered.

I will be delighted to work with residents along with my Council colleagues to ensure that once the residents have signed the necessary petitions Fingal moves this process along.

I believe that taking in charge could take up to eighteen months so I would encourage residents to complete their part of the process as soon as is practicable

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