Upcoming Local Elections

I will be standing in this year’s Local Elections and will seek re-election as an Independent Councillor for the Howth/Malahide area.

In the coming posts I hope to highlight some of the issues I have been involved with since being elected a Councillor for this area.

I believe that in the last five years as a Councillor I have made a positive contribution to my community and have also worked hard for the people of my area. During my first term I have assisted many people with a wide range of issues and am well aware of the problems that people continue to face. I believe that if re-elected I am better placed with the experience of the last five years to assist people into the future.

There are many issues such as Housing, the Environment, Mental Health and Crime that continue to have an impact on people’s lives. As an Independent Councillor I believe that I will be well placed to help tackle these problems.

I look forward to meeting as many people as possible during the course of my campaign and would ask that you give me your number 1 vote on May 24th next.

Kind Regards,