About Me

Married to Louann and have three sons Neil, Mark and Glen.

Elected to Fingal County Council as an Independent Councillor in 2014 and have worked hard in assisting people with many issues

Member of Joint Policing Committee Former Board Member of North Dublin Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force

Member of Economic, Development and Enterprise SPCMember of Planning and Strategic Infrastructure SPC

Former member of North Dublin Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force Community and Crime Impact Committee.

We need to fight not tackle Crime

We are losing the battle against crime. We need more Gardai on the beat and more resources to fight the spate of burglaries and crimes that are now becoming a daily occurrence in our area.

Figures released recently show we have been let down by Judges who have not enforced the bail law and choosing to release criminals back into society where they continue to murder rape and terrorize their neighbors.

Criminals released on bail have in the last ten years murdered 93 people, committed 237 horrific sex crimes, carried out 5319 robberies, found guilty of 19,000 drug offences, been involved in 7,930 assaults and these are just some of 115,438 offences committed by criminals on bail in the last ten years.

Judges need to have as much regard for the victims as they do for the rights of Criminals. I will continue the fight to ensure that the resources necessary are provided to fight and not just tackle crime.

Losing the battle against Drugs

I have been involved in community-based work since the early seventies. In my late teens I became involved in St Vincent De Paul and this was the first time I saw first hand the devastation that drugs was causing for families. I realised that successive governments were ignoring the most vulnerable in our society. It was the hardship that I then witnessed that drove me to become involved in politics and community work.

In the eighties I became involved in the anti drug movement and was one of the first to call on the state to seize the proceeds of crime from the drug lords. Unfortunately it would be many years later before we saw the Criminal Assets Bureau established. I continue to work with families who have been affected by the curse of drug addiction

This government has failed to tackle the Drug issue; Ministers do not provide sufficient resources and care more about photo opportunities than tackling the real problems. We need to help families who have been affected by Drugs and insist on proper measures being introduced to tackle this cancer that is destroying our society.